Power92 FM

Welcome to the official Website of Power92 FM, the Tri-City's' best online radio station, founded by DJ Doctor J. We offer a variety of music, live shows, and we support local businesses and unsigned talent. If you are a musician or a DJ, please send us your stuff! Contests, call-ins, and more, here at Power92 FM! We have been on air since 2010, and have won 3 Awards for Internet Radio Of The Year. 2012, 2013, & 2014.




Vinyl105 Great Oldies, Great Fun! Was founded by Dj Doctor J. This is the Sister Station to Power92 FM. Power has been On-Air since Feb 5/2009. Since it has won 3 awards for internet Radio Of The Year. This Radio Station is for you to make you feel good & remember the best times of your lifes.



We are a independent Non-Profit Broadcasting / Radio Imaging / Music Production Media. We Own Power92 FM & Vinyl105. 

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